71 VW Bus Photo Shoot x Prism Boutique

We're huge fans of Prism Boutique and when they asked to use our 71 VW Bus for a their Lookbook we couldn't refuse. Check out some images from the photo shoot - shot by Casey Liu, and featuring model Maly Mann

*YES! You can rent the 71 VW Bus without the photo-booth for photo-shoots. Use it for your next lookbook, campaign, or personal photo shoot.  Email us for pricing. 

vw busIMG_2514photo shoot copy.jpg
vw busIMG_2641photo shoot.jpg
vw busIMG_2765photo shoot.jpg
vw busIMG_2629photo shoot.jpg
vw busIMG_3077photo shoot.jpg
vw busIMG_2859photo shoot.jpg
vw busIMG_2588photo shoot.jpg