Vintage Camper Photo Booth Build

You guys! Our vintage camper photo booth build is looking AMAZING! My husband has been working his butt off and it's really starting to come together. We finished almost all of the exterior (still need a door and paint job) and have started on the interior. We have the inside all wired up for both a 12v marine battery and shore power, insulation up and started putting up the walls. We should have Gloria (named after my great grandma) nearly finished by the end of this month and just in time for wedding season!

If you interested in having a unique, alternative photo booth at your wedding shoot us an email to reserve your date now.   all over Central and Southern California

Backstory: We bought a 1958 Field and Stream camper off Craigslist in hopes to restore it into a photo booth camper to add to the bus. However, after getting the camper home and deconstructing it, it literally needed a full overhaul. It had been in an accident and the metal frame it sat on was badly tweaked, there was extensive water damage and needed all new outside panneling. So after a lot of back and forth we decided to build a brand new replica of the original we bought since we would be rebuilding esentially the whole thing anyways. The new frame is now a lot safer and the structure is much more sound and lighter than the original. Best of all it's looking just as awesome as it did in 1958!
camper build2.JPG
camper build1.JPG
camper build3.JPG
camper build4.JPG